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Letting go to create space to grow

There can be many things in our lives that attach themselves to us, creating a weight upon us that sometimes sets us back or keeps us from moving forward towards our full potential. An insecurity, an obsession, a dream that never came true or a dream you never pursued? It may be one of life's experiences that is having some type of impact on you and how you perceive yourself or even worse ~ how you think people perceive you? Something that you lived or lived through? Whatever it may be, remember you made it through to where you are now. Even so you may still be carrying it around like a suitcase not realizing the damage or the restraints it actually has on you as well as others around you. That thing that holds you back, the thorn in your side that you can't seem to just let go.

So why is it so hard just to let it go? Is it our surroundings? Is it what we see and watch on tv or social media? Are we subliminally comparing our lives to the lives of others? As if we are the same as them? I am just as guilty as anyone. No one is perfect. We are all human, we all have flaws, and weaknesses. Even though we may not have asked for or wanted these, we carry them still. You must remember these things actually make us WHO we are. So we must acknowledge these things for WHAT they are. We must accept them as that and move on. Continuing in the same mindset of comparing not only delays healing but it also steers us away from truly being happy.

Just imagine if we could change our thought process and realize that by doing so it could create extra space within us for something new, happy and positive. I know, it's harder than it sounds, but by changing our mindset, that alone changes everything. You control your thoughts. You make the decisions in your life. What you went through or what you experienced or didn't experience does not define who you are or what you can accomplish.

Something we all know, we can't go back to change anything, reversing is not an option. The only option is to live your life now, while you can. Tomorrow is never promised. So make the best of today. Be nice, respectful, and work with and for the things you love. Keep learning. Remember doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Take that chance. In the end we only regret the chance we didn't take.

So lets 'create' that space in our heart, mind and soul. Take away the doubt and negativity and fill it with acceptance of who we are and watch it give us the courage to 'grow' and become who we really are.

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